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My wife and I love the idea of drinking from every faucet and showering in clean, healthier water. No more dry skin!

Paresh S. - Rancho Bernardo, CA

You said we would have less spotting on our dishes & clean our fixtures. Within a few day we saw the differences & tasted it too! We don’t have to buy bottled water anymore!

Neil P. - Temecula, CA

No chlorine – No contaminants –
Nothing to buy or do, except enjoy!!!
It works & we feel great!

Dennis & Mary R. - Alpine, CA

I had a carbon filtration from a “large” company I assumed would be reputable, but their customer service was non-existent, & I found out their warranty did not include “usable parts”. When your advertisement showed better technology & service, I gave up theirs for yours & I”m thankful I did because not only did you help me with my concerns, your people showed up on time!!

Robert Z. - Carlsbad, CA

My husband & I have always used a water softener, but it damaged all of our plumbing! No more worries! Thanks again, we love it!!!

Anne Marie L. - Carlsbad, CA

Yours was the only company that did as promised & followed up with answers to all of my questions. My medical allergies associated with water have been eliminated!

Susan S. - Escondido, CA

My wife loves the feel of great water! Her skin now feels softer & tells all of our friends & neighbors how amazing it is to be able to drink from ANY faucet in our home. Thanks One Water!!

Bob M. - Temecula, CA