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Vic V. – San Marcos, CA

I needed a whole house water system because of a recent plumbing remodel, new faucets that needed to be protected from hard water that leaves corrosion, wanting to have good tasting drinking water from every faucet and healthy water to shower with. After much research of different systems, I decided to call Kevin at One Water Systems for a consultation and estimate. He came to our home and gave me a thorough education on filtration systems, all my questions [...]

Robert K. – San Diego, CA

Now, a month later, we're even more pleased with the system. All promises made have been fulfilled. It is so wonderful to have pure drinking water from every faucet in the house. No more bottled water or filters for the refrigerator. You can "feel" the softness when you shower. For showering and, especially, for laundry, less soap is necessary. Laundry comes out much cleaner looking. At first we had spotted glasses coming out of the dishwasher but Finish JetDry has taken care [...]

Sandra M. – Bonita, CA

The difference is AMAZING- skin is not dry, hair is tamer (a miracle for my dry curly hair!), grandbaby's eczema getting better. Tap Water tastes so much better. And if that's not enough...the best part: no more discolored water filling up our bathtubs. Awesome! They said it would take a couple of weeks for the calcium build up to clean up- not! Our shower heads are already flowing like they did when they were new. Thanks Kevin...

Eric S. – San Marcos, CA

Kevin, the owner, spent a lot of time with me explaining how the system works. Juan did a good job of installing the water system (neatly done) and then showing me the difference between the water I had before and water using the One Water System. Amazing! Everything went very smoothly. I must add that it is very important for me to be dealing with people who are kind and helpful, people who enjoy what they are doing. This [...]

Edna A. – Del Mar, CA

I like having clean, tasting water..it’s easier to clean things. The ads are good, that’s how I found out about One Water Systems. The annual inspections are a great idea, too! I feel better knowing I don’t have to figure out if it works or not! I definitely recommend to others..Our rashes have cleared up, skin and hair looks better. I Love saving money on bottled water..(plus holding a glass under the sink weighs a lot less than a [...]

Jean S. – Laguna Hills, CA

I researched four different types of whole house water systems. Obviously the systems were not the same but, of course, they all may claim to sell their product. I finally chose Kevin Worsfold’s "One Water Systems". He was the only one who didn’t bash other companies and knew more than all of them about water, pipes, appliances, clothes and, of course, the system itself.

Madeline C. – Del Mar, CA

After experiencing a not so successful system -I found One Water. It's been working beautifully and have experienced absolutely no issues. I could not be more pleased and recommend this system without hesitation to any home looking to replace or upgrade their system. Excellent!