Author - Sai Agahi

What Are the Benefits of Rain Barrels?

A rain barrel is a container that captures and stores rainwater draining from your roof. Barrels usually range from 50 to 80 gallons and have a spigot for filling watering cans and a connection for a soaker hose. Combining the use of rain barrels with appropriate plant selection and mulching promotes water conservation. Rain barrels benefit your home, garden and community. Money Saver Rain barrels save homeowners money on their water bills. Garden and lawn irrigation accounts for 40 percent of [...]

Survey Indicates Americans Concerned About Tap Water Quality

A new survey reveals that 55% of Americans are concerned about the quality of their tap water. The online survey, conducted by Cint on behalf of Bluewater, also revealed that approximately one in six Americans avoid drinking water direct from their kitchen taps. The online poll surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18 to 70 about their general sentiments around drinking residential water and their use of different residential water filtration and purification devices in the market. Some 40.2% [...]

Water Systems and Salt

Researches across the country, reacting to the concern of health experts about the possible connection between sodium and health problems, are recommending that people on salt restricted diets avoid home water softeners that use sodium. According to the American Heart Association, fatal heart attacks are more common in areas where the water is either naturally soft or has been treated to remove calcium and magnesium. The AHA also indicated some other health problems, including goiters and bladder disease, may be tied [...]